Building Microservices in .NET Core 3.x

In this code heavy session, Steve will introduce the new worker service template in .NET Core 3.0. This template offers all of the great ASP.NET Core features such as dependency injection, logging and configuration and exposes them to rapidly build powerful worker services with ease.

Join Steve to take a tour through creating your first worker service, ready for deployment into the cloud. Together we’ll build up the components needed to process a cloud-based message queue using concurrent background services.

Steve has built many worker service style microservices, each time evolving the techniques along the way. You’ll learn from his mistakes to accelerate your productivity as you take advantage of worker services for batch processing, scheduled log file parsing, queue processing and much, much more!

When you leave this session, you’ll be able to quickly transfer your ASP.NET Core skills and experience with the Microsoft extension libraries to build your own, cloud-native, worker services.

Location: Date: 27 June 2020 Time: 17:00 - 17:50 Steve Gordon