The 3 Coolest Recent Additions in ASP.NET Core

The goal of this fast-paced session is to get you up to speed with the 3 coolest, latest additions of ASP.NET Core. They are: SignalR, Blazor and gRPC.

Here are some things you will learn:

  • Using SignalR to create real-time web applications. And how you wire it up in your ASP.NET Core application.
  • Blazor components add a completely new way to architect your applications. They enable two hosting models, one of which is server-side Blazor which will be included in ASP.NET Core 3.0.
  • gRPC, also in ASP.NET Core 3.0, is a new way to design APIs. Yes, RPC is back! No SOAP this time, but Google’s Protocol Buffers.

I’ll show off these features by explaining them briefly with slide and then dive into demo code. After watching this session you will be excited about these 3 cool features and unstoppable implementing them in your own apps!

Watch the video:

Track 2
Location: Seminar room 2 Date: 22 June 2019 Time: 13:55 - 14:40 Roland Guijt