How to build Windows desktop apps with .NET Core 3

No, this is not a mistake – we actually have a talk on building Windows Desktop apps in 2019. And all because .NET Core 3 supports building WinForms, UWP and WPF desktop apps. To make sure you’re not attending this talk for the wrong reason: the apps will not be cross-platform, only for Windows. But they will run on .NET Core and can therefore benefit from all the advantages of .NET Core (like performance improvements). In this session I will show you:

  • How to build Windows Desktop apps on .NET Core from scratch.
  • How to port an existing Windows desktop app to .NET Core.
  • How to use modern UWP controls in a WinForms or WPF app.
  • How to package and distribute your app using MSIX.

Watch the video:

Track 2
Location: Seminar room 2 Date: 22 June 2019 Time: 15:10 - 15:55 Edwin van Wijk